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Induction Cooktops For Your New Kitchen

The stove and cooktop are the heart of most any home cook’s kitchen. When we think of cooktops, we often consider the choices to be between gas and electric. Both have their obvious pros and cons. But did you know that in today’s modern kitchen there has been added a third choice—although it’s not an ultra-new option, but it is gaining popularity and therefore seeing an economy in price and a surge in new models—the induction cooktop.

Induction cooktops function by using an electromagnetic field beneath the cooktop to heat the pan—this is the major difference between an induction cooktop and a radiant-heat cooktops, which uses a hot surface to heat the cooking vessel. This means much faster boil times and finer control on cook temperatures. Induction cooktops work quickly; to compare the boiling times on an induction cooktop to some electric cooktops is to notice a boiling time half of that required by the electric. Also the surface of an induction cooktop will stay cooler than the surface of a radiant-heat-style cooktop.

But there are drawbacks to the induction cooktop. One such drawback is that most induction cooktops have either no indicators or poor indicators to show you when the cooktop is turned on. Also, induction cooktops require a specialized pot or pan, which has a magnetic field, to make the induction on the stovetop work. One way to test your own pots and pans at home is to stick a magnet to the bottom: if the magnet sticks heavily, it will probably work; if it doesn’t stick at all, or just lightly sticks, it would be more useful on your desk as a paperweight than as a vessel to be used on an induction cooktop. Also, because the induction cooktop uses a magnetic surface, digital food thermometers will no longer work; funny then to have an ultra-modern stove that requires the use of an analog food thermometer.

Induction cooktops are being manufactured by a number of companies, and if the popularity of these cooktops continues to increase you will see bigger drops in price, and the cooktops will become an even more prevalent tool in the modern cook’s kitchen. Maybe an induction cooktop is the right tool for your new modern kitchen in your new custom home.

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