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A fireplace within the home is an element that is both aesthetically beautiful and warmly inviting (No pun intended). Montana is home to frigid, long winter nights, and a warm, blazing fire can be just the comfort on a stormy, evening. And the modern homeowner has numerous choices as to the type of fireplace and the material used. But for our purposes here, we’re only going to consider the gas and wood-burning types of fireplaces (Electrical fireplaces do have their place, and some modern electrical fireplaces do have enhanced aesthetics).

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves have been around for eons. There are pros and cons to these fireplaces, although the benefits for the lover of a wood burning fireplaces and stoves likely outweigh the cons. A wood burning fireplace or stove does require a chimney, and if you plan to add the fireplace in an existing home without a chimney, the cost to add one could be considerable. And one other downside is that wood is something you will need to gather and obtain; large quantities of wood are not always readily available for purchase. If you plan to remodel and transform an existing fireplace into something more to your taste it’s possible to redesign the fireplace and include a new wood-burning insert to match the changed aesthetics of the surround.

Gas fireplaces are beautiful, and the constant flickering flames that don’t need require constant attention to keep lit are a definite plus for some homeowners. Gas fireplaces have become the norm, and gas inserts can be added easily in renovated homes; gas fireplaces use a venting system that is much cheaper and simpler to construct than a standard chimney.

If you are wondering which fireplace would work the best in your new or newly-renovated home, then call and speak with your custom home builders at JDL Construction today.

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