Homes that Inspire

When you choose JDL Construction to design and build your dream home, you are choosing a home with a layout and details that are finely attuned to your needs and that check every box on your dream-home checklist. You are only limited by budget. When you do decide to build a truly custom home, you are building a home that reflects exactly who you are, and each and every detail within the home can be as unique as you. And for all of your imaginings, there are a few extra details that may add to your vision.

There are numerous choices and combinations of choices for cabinets, paint colors, and finishes; and if the sheer number of choices brings up feelings of anxiety, you’re not alone. Those choices are important, but equally as important is to determine the room or rooms that should be designed as focal points within the home. For instance, if you want a fully-functional home-cook’s kitchen, the layout and appliances should reflect that; if you plan to entertain frequently in the kitchen area, then there should be a good balance of open spaces and counter-seating to accommodate guests.

If you have children or if you have a lifestyle that requires extra storage spaces then it’s a good idea to add storage. Organization is important to custom home design, and proper organization can include anything from an expansive and well-organized chef’s pantry, to a hidden-away storage solution under a stairway or up in a loft space in the garage. Mudrooms and other rooms that tend to declutter high-traffic areas (If you have children, storage solutions and a storage room such as a mudroom will help balance the foot traffic).

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