JDL Construction is known for excellence in custom home building which signifies attention to the designer, the details of the construction, and most importantly, to the client.

Every home is different. We strive to make sure your home is more than just some walls with a roof. Living in Montana means you have to be ready for a storm at all times. Here at JDL Construction, we do our best to show how your home is different, making it a home that can weather the storms.


We offer the ability to be more than merely code-compliant. Using proper building science we can help your home to be energy efficient with clean air.

Our People

Each and every member of our staff shares our ethos and takes pride in their work. We invest a great deal in developing and nurturing our team’s knowledge and skills, helping them to retain and pass on traditional skills and methodologies. We know that, at the end of the day, our buildings are only as good as the team that builds them.

But we are equally passionate about marrying these approaches to the contemporary designs and techniques of the modern-day industry.

Our Facility

Like our company, our purpose-built yard in Sheridan has been years in the making.