Exterior Options

We’ve all heard the term curb appeal. The exterior of your home is the first thing anyone sees before they step inside, and the impression the exterior makes sets an immediate tone for value and pride of ownership.

One common trend in custom home design today is a multi-textured exterior. It looks beautiful and unique when done appropriately. Even the simple addition of a facade of stone against common siding adds complexity. And sometimes this combination of elements better blends the home into the environment; for homes on a unique lot, this design technique could create a facade that’s truly inspiring and beautiful.

Windows are another exterior feature impacted by current trends. Often, custom home design involves more windows. Modern windows can be manufactured with thinner frames and still maintain integrity and efficiency. Thinner frames mean that the view through the window is less obstructed, and windows can be placed in a row as a seamless bank of windows and still offer a practically obstruction-free view.

Last, it’s important to many custom home owners that the transition places from outside to inside are seamless and blend the indoors with the outdoors. Doors with glass that glide open and create a seamless transition between outdoor living spaces and indoor. It’s a terrific way to blend outdoor spaces that have cooking or dining areas.

And the choices a custom home owner makes on day one will have an impact down the road. For instance, some types of siding are practically maintenance free, while others come with the guarantee of having to one day spray clean or stain. However, that doesn’t mean that a home owner should avoid a material such as wood simply because it comes with extra maintenance; custom home design is about building the home you envision. And if you have any questions about how JDL Construction can help you achieve that vision, then call today.

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