Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Like all remodeling projects, there are numerous decisions to be made that factor into the planning process. Bathroom remodels are a terrific investment, and whether you plan to live in the home for the next two or twenty years, there are considerations to be made before you start choosing fixtures and materials.

It’s always a good idea to evaluate your finances. Especially in today’s marketplace where the cost of materials is high. Your professional remodeling contractor at JDL Construction can help with the process. Every choice made will impact the finances, from the types of materials used to the way you envision the layout.

If you hope to create with a minimal hit to your finances, then consider the absolute essentials and build from there. And it’s always a good idea to budget for more, because there can be hidden issues that arise, especially with the plumbing.

If you are free to explore your options, know that the combinations of materials and appliances are practically infinite. The bathroom floors should be simple to clean, resistant to slipping, and be both a color and design that suits your personal tastes.

In addition to the flooring, certain styles of bathrooms may have either matching or uniquely different tiles placed on the wall for a surround. In other bathrooms, a premade surround that accompanies a tub and shower may meet both expectations and economy. The vanities, and vanity tops are another place to add style and impact in a bathroom remodel. Vanities and accompanying tops can come in a variety of styles and costs to fit most everyone’s needs.

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