Go Green on the Remodel

These days we’re all more energy conscious, and there are so many ways that we can benefit daily by making a few changes. We can help to decrease our usage and also decrease our energy bills. Did you know that if your home’s windows are inefficient, or if there are gaps where the windows sit within the frame that over a quarter of yearly heating bills go to pay for those inefficiencies? It’s true, and window inefficiency isn’t only a problem in winter; the summer heat can just as easily force inefficiencies on our cooling systems. When you come to JDL Construction with the idea for a remodel, the windows are quality items, albeit not the flashiest items, to consider. But until you do have inefficient windows replaced, here are a few tips to keep your heating and cooling system operating efficiently.

Adding window treatments is a terrific way to bolster a windows efficiency. A cellular shade is a nice-looking addition, but it also doubles as an economical window accessory that can help bolster the loss of heat or cool air by thirty-percent or more.  It’s a barrier between the window and room, which doesn’t make the window more efficient but instead helps to limit the amount of air that is lost due to the inefficiencies. You can buy the cellular shades in different patterns and with different thicknesses. It’s a quick and economical solution to a problem that quality windows will eventually fix.

Drapes and sheers are window treatments that can bolster R-Value (R-Value is a predetermined efficiency rating).  Sheers can be bought as cheaply as the plastic type seen in the big box stores, although the simple slats of plastic don’t do much to bolster window efficiency. Drapes, especially the type that are built to withstand the inefficiencies of window,s are terrific additions, although most heavy-duty drapes don’t permit much light due to the fabric-barrier built to insulate the windows.

If you have any questions about how JDL Construction can remodel your current home to be more energy efficient, then call today.

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