Building a Garage

When you’re planning a new home, how much consideration will you give to the garage? Because you’re planning your own home, the garage can be anything. Will you need three stalls, or just two? What if you own two cars and a boat? Or two cars and another that’s being rebuilt piece by piece at the corner of the garage—three stalls might be a good choice. The point being that customizing a home doesn’t begin and end with just the kitchen and bathrooms, it accounts for the entire home. So, if garage size isn’t something you’ve considered in your new home’s build, let’s consider a few ways in which a space like the garage can be entirely customized.

Firstly, garages are storage areas. It’s were we put things like cars, cleaners, and paints. It’s where tools go. You’re going to need the space that matches your storage needs. With storage space comes options. Have you ever considered a workshop built right into the garage? It’s possible in any garage, but what if you’ve never built one, because of space limitations with two other cars? A third stall can change that instantly, opening up considerable space for a wood working workshop, or even a workshop for pedal-bikes, motorcycles, and old cars.

If you plan to spend considerable time in the garage you might need windows. Windows built into the walls, or even into the garage door. While the warmer months are nice to spend time out in the garage with the door open, the colder months, leave the garage cold. The sunlight from the windows could raise spirits, and provide comfort even in the coldest months. Remember, you’re customizing a home, make sure that every space in it is conducive to your needs, and very comfortable.

If you are not all that concerned about areas of the home like the garage, then it probably wont matter: stalls big enough to store items and park cars. But, it’s something to consider when you are beginning the custom-home process. Like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, it’s an area of the home that needs to meet your needs.

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