Storage Solutions

Adequate storage is something that can be difficult to plan for, and the amount of storage needed will vary between households. Some folks need storage for the equipment that buoys their hobbies, while others don’t need more than a few garage stalls and adequate shelving in the pantry. When you discuss either a new home build or a remodel with your custom home team at JDL Construction, you are going to want to remember to add storage where it’s needed; it’s especially important for anyone who plans to grow their family. When it comes to storage, there are numerous considerations to be made, and numerous locations where storage can be customized. And you’re probably going to need more storage than you think.

One of the worst things about the accumulation of equipment and items and the lack of places to properly store those things is clutter. Clutter can both ruin the aesthetic appeal of the home and make the space within feel much smaller than it actually is. For instance, in the kitchen there are numerous devices, tools, dishware and cookware, etc. to be stored. And it doesn’t matter whether the kitchen is the home kitchen of a professional chef or someone who prefers nightly take-out, the kitchen will likely still contain many common items.

Other locations that can help to alleviate the clutter is in the hallways. It’s possible to add storage beneath stairs, within closets and drawers; it’s even possible to design a space with ample storage solutions that are hidden away. Storage for blankets and linens, towels, etc. are easily hidden away, although also keep items quickly accessible. Bathrooms are also a tricky place for storage. Many folks prefer to hide away the products they keep within the bathroom, and the bulkier items such as towels are difficult to store discreetly. Laundry hampers can also be an eye sore.

When you consider the space within your new custom home, or the possible additions of storage and space provided by a remodel, hopefully you consider the bulk of the items you plan to store and you plan adequate storage accordingly. And thankfully you have the custom home experts at JDL Construction to help.

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