Custom Design and Home Renovation

Home renovation has become popular, especially in the last year when so many of us have had to turn to the sanctuary of our home for comfort and security. Home renovations help to optimize the spaces within our home, changing both the layout and aesthetic for a truly custom look and feel.

Although there are many, many ways to customize your home. One addition that helps to both add aesthetic value and add functionality is built-in storage. Built-in cabinetry within a newly renovated space can be elaborate or as simple and unobtrusive as storage beneath the stairs. Game rooms, study rooms, library rooms, etc., all benefit from ample storage space.

One small detail that can provide a truly comfortable aesthetic is the trim. Trim sounds simple, but consistent trim both along the baseboards and door/window frames, and, when it suits the design, crown molding.

Other rooms of the house that can support a complete renovation include the bathroom and kitchen. A simple bathroom can be transformed into a sanctuary. The flooring options and shower/tub options are practically limitless. If the size of the bathroom supports it, then maybe add a soaker tub or space for a custom vanity. The kitchen, which is a place we all have likely spent more time in the last year, can be designed to be the meeting place within the home, a place with ample cabinetry and storage. Countertops, flooring, layout, everything can be changed within the kitchen.

If you have any questions about how JDL Construction can help you with a renovation that will reflect your needs and tastes with details that look and feel truly custom, then call today.


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