Colors for Your Custom Home

Color is a tricky subject when it comes to custom home design. It’s a rewarding challenge to come up with colors and design elements that all work together. It’s a terrific eye-pleasing achievement when the home’s colors are cohesive with all other elements and remain pleasing to the eye. The colors both on and within your new custom home are important, and there are some elements to consider before you decide. Here are a few tips to consider…

If you have a definite color scheme in mind then the color choices on your new custom home likely won’t be overly difficult. Designers can help bring the colors in your mind to a cohesive reality, and create something entirely pleasing and wonderful that you’ll be proud to display. It’s especially simple if you have a main color in mind. Your color/colors will likely contrast with others and narrow the choices that will create a cohesive and beautiful color scheme. But for everyone else, it’s important to remember that choices for the main color and the supporting colors can be difficult; colors can be both difficult and overwhelming (And you’re not alone if you find the choices overwhelming).

When you decide on a color or a range of colors it’s important to first set aside a few colors that you believe to have inspired you. These are likely the range of colors that you will find most pleasing on your home. Then take a drive around the area (Or the entire Gallatin Valley, it’s likely that you will find custom homes in many neighborhoods that have color schemes to match the colors that have inspired you). What types of colors and color schemes do you find yourself drawn to. It’s likely that you will find exactly what you want, or at least find the range of colors that you find most pleasing and inspiring to narrow your choices.

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