Color Harmony

When you picture your new dream home in your mind what colors do you see? Amazingly, it can be difficult to decide on a color, because all the colors and elements of the home must both work together to create a cohesive and pleasing appearance, but also be identical or similar to the colors that most please you, the homeowner.

Color coordination and harmony can be difficult, but if you have a few colors that you absolutely want represented then the choices are narrowed. For instance, if you want the roof to be grey, then the grey on the roof will limit the choices of color on the siding.

If you are completely uncertain about a major color, then take a drive around the neighborhood and look at homes built of similar construction to the home you plan to build. Take note of the things that you most appreciate about the colors and the way those colors enhance the home’s design and appearance. It’s a safe bet that if you see a home’s colors and those colors make you feel good, possibly even happy, you will appreciate that same color or a similar harmony of colors on your future build. If you are building the home with your partner/spouse then it’s important to remember that it’s common for men and women to see colors and color harmonies differently. You may have to compromise, or discuss the differences with your home builder/designer; a compromise could be made that incorporates both preferences.

When you decide on a main color, there will be other color choices. You will choose colors for your trim, windows, doors, roof, etc. The colors will likely complement well and look appealing when combined.

Luckily, you’ve chosen JDL Construction to help you build your custom dream home. And if you have any questions or are ready to start the process of custom home design and construction, then call today.

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