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Kitchen Countertops: Quality Choices for Your Custom Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most customizable rooms in any custom-built home. Kitchen cupboards, flooring, and appliances all play a part in the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. And within the kitchen, the countertops are the pinnacle of both aesthetics and functionality. An ideal countertop should be physically appealing to the homeowner and match with the kitchen’s aesthetic and functional design, but also be durable.

Granite countertops are absolutely stunning, and the uniqueness of the material does propel the aesthetics within most any kitchen to a high-end appearance. It’s the countertop of choice for those who appreciate the uniqueness of the pattern within each granite slab; it’s a distinctive look. Granite is a durable material that resists scratches and cuts, and it’s heat resistant. It does need to be sealed to prevent stains, and periodic re-sealing will be required over its lifespan.

For the homeowner who wants the look and feel of a stone countertop, similar to granite but with more uniformity, and that doesn’t require as much long-term maintenance as granite, there’s quartz. Quartz resists staining, and it is strong and durable and resistant to scratches and cuts. Because quartz is built by combining a binding agent to crushed quartz stone, the choices for color and pattern and the uniformity of both make it an appealing option for many homeowners. It is a heat resistant material, but it is not as heat resistant as granite.

It’s impossible not to mention laminate in a kitchen countertop discussion, because laminate is so ubiquitous and time-tested to be durable and even cost effective. No, laminate might not be the first choice to adorn all the kitchen’s horizontal surfaces, but it’s wide-range of colors and its cost effectiveness do make it an appealing option.

There are other choices for custom kitchen countertops, and even a few that can be combined with granite, quartz, or laminate to achieve the ultimate in design and functionality. Consider a standalone section of countertop with the modern look of stainless steel or the warmth of natural wood. An island topped with marble. The choices in materials and the choices in the designs of those materials are practically endless.

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