Plan Ahead: Customize storage solutions

When you plan your new home with your custom-home builder at JDL Construction there are a few considerations as to the amount of space you’re going to need: if you have a growing family, or if you entertain family/guests often, then you’re likely going to need more square footage then you’ll need or use in the immediate future. You’ll need space to grow into. And when it comes to storage, you’re likely going to want to consider adding lots of storage options, probably even more than you think. Here’s why…

Clutter in the home is annoying and sometimes even unsightly, but that clutter can also make a home feel much smaller than it actually is. Consider the kitchen. The kitchen is a place where numerous things are stored. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether it’s a chef’s kitchen or whether its owner uses it once in a blue moon, the kitchen is likely the storage place for cookery and plates, utensils and gizmos, and food.

Another area in the home where it’s possible to add storage, when the home’s design suits it, is in a hallway. If the design includes a set of stairs under which a set of closets or a wall of drawers can be added, then the added space could help to store anything from blankets, placemats, or decorations (the choices and combinations are practically endless). It could also be converted into shelving for a personal library.

The bathrooms also have important storage considerations. Bathrooms are places where we want to store and likely hide-away certain products we use, etc. Towels are bulky and oftentimes difficult to store. Bathrooms are also likely locations for laundry hampers.

There are numerous ways to increase the efficiency of storage in a custom-built home. And when you speak with your home builder at JDL Construction, storage and potential square footage should be considerations that are high on your priority list. If you have any questions about the custom-home-building process, or if you are ready to design and build your next dream home, then call today.

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