Reclaimed Lumber/Building Materials

It’s become a popular trend to use reclaimed materials in new or renovated construction. There are many reasons as to why this upcycling of materials has become so prevalent and important, including aesthetic appeal, environmentally-friendly construction, and even durability to name a few. Here are a few of the reasons why you might want reclaimed building materials included in your next project…

Aesthetic appeal is one of the absolute best reasons to bring reclaimed materials into a project. For instance, timbers reclaimed from the rafters of an old barn left abandoned on the Montana prairie are resized and used as siding, a feature wall, or as the mantle over a great room fireplace. And the materials look both vintage and one-of-kind, like a piece of art. The ageless beauty that reclaimed materials provide a home is both an aesthetic statement and truly unique.

Durability is another reason to choose reclaimed materials. Some of today’s modern building products are not as durable as those from the past; reclaimed timbers, especially, have undergone years of drying and have withstood the rigors of seasonal movement. If materials of the past have withstood the rigorous test of time, and after all that time still appear new and functional, then it’s likely those materials will outlast many modern counterparts.

Green building, or environmentally-friendly building, is a trend that’s become impossible to ignore. The planet has finite resources, and using reclaimed building materials has very little impact on the environment.

The uses for reclaimed building materials are practically endless. The materials could be used in any way both structurally and aesthetically. And if you are ready to build your next custom dream home, and you want to include the finest in reclaimed building materials, then the custom home experts at JDL Construction can help. It’s the smallest touches that can make a home especially unique. So, if you have any questions about your future custom home, and the ways in which JDL Construction can use the finest building materials to make that dream home a reality, then call today.

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