Why A Custom Built Home

For the person interested in a custom home, often it’s the small, simple details that separate the run-of-the-mill from the outstanding. It’s the smallest details that bring out a person’s creativity, or their personality. It’s being surrounded by a reflection of one’s self. It’s the feeling of truly being at home. While many of these details are inherently individualistic, and will be derived from the place of someone else’s personality, there are small changes to a home, simple, construction-type changes, which can be added by your custom home builder to enhance your appreciation to the smaller details of your new home. One such change, which may seem small, but the benefits of which might be considered great for the just-right person, is in-floor heat, especially beneath tile floors in a bathroom.

It seems like a luxury, and to a certain extent it is, but to have in-floor heating can brighten up any room. It’s taking full advantage of modern convenience. It’s like waking up in the morning to find the tile in the bathroom greeting you rather than sending you scurrying away in bare feet. It’s easy to install, it’s just a mat with coils, running on electric power. The installer’s will put down the mat previous to putting down the tile (or whatever flooring material you’ve chosen for the room), and then install the tile. It’s that simple. This is best done in a custom home, because in-floor heating cannot be retrofitted later: if you decided later you wanted in-floor heating, the tile will have to be pulled back up, the in-floor electrical heating mats put into place, and then new tile will be installed over the top of the mats.

One benefit to a luxury like in floor heating is it’s not an overly expensive luxury; it’s not as cheap, as, say, adding a rug to the tile floors of the bathroom, but as far as such modern conveniences go, it’s a simple product with a simple installation. Most every element in your home’s design is up to you, make sure you take full advantage of its initial blank canvas.

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