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Home Remodeling

If you decide to remodel your current home, you probably have a design set in mind; you imagine a few of the rooms, maybe the kitchen, bedroom, or family room. You are wanting them designed to be better both functionally and aesthetically.

At JDL Construction, we are the dream makers. Dreams such as these are important to achieve the unique custom-home character you’ve always wanted, but there are likely a few other considerations to be made, maybe even some you haven’t thought of yet…

The first thing to consider is your lifestyle. Are you planning on growing your family in the near or even distant future? If the answer is yes, you will want the remodel to reflect that potentiality.

It’s also important that your home not only reflect your growth plans but your habits both at home and while you are away for work. And it’s extremely important, although not a set-in-stone necessity, to have a general idea of the span of time you plan to live in the home.If you’re doing the remodel because you need something to accommodate your needs for the next five years, you’ll likely design something different than if you hoped to remain in the home indefinitely.

Quality of life and health is also a consideration for some. It’s possible that you or someone you care about has experience unexpected and unplanned-for health-related needs that require a remodel.

It could even be that a remodel is needed to accommodate physical needs that make it possible to remain at home instead of having to move to a retirement community. Many seniors do struggle with stairs, especially when the home’s levels and several rooms are split between bedrooms and kitchen/main living areas.

It’s also important to remember the everyday flow of activity within the house. For instance, in a home where parents live with high-school-aged children, the flow of people-traffic is going to be different than in the same home a few years later when the children have grown and are moved out.

Home remodeling is challenging, but the rewards can be invaluable. If you have any questions about how JDL Construction can help you achieve the home you’ve always wanted, call today.



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