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Today’s custom homeowner has numerous choices in flooring. The two most popular choices are hardwood and laminate, and all the variations. Vinyl plank flooring, which is installed and has an appearance similar to laminate plank, is also growing ever-more popular. Tile is still a quality choice in a bathroom and kitchen, although because many types of laminate and vinyl plank are waterproof, planked floors are becoming ever more popular in rooms where there is potential for water damage. All modern flooring choices have options with beautiful long-lasting finishes (There are few flooring options more beautiful than natural wood), but which floor would you rather admire and appreciate for years? Why choose one flooring type over another? Here are a few tips to make the choice simpler.

Laminate is a terrific option for a durable, long-lasting floor. And it’s likely less expensive to install per square foot for a similar hardwood, although there are cases when hardwood is the less expensive option. In areas of the home with frequent foot traffic, or where kids and animals play, laminate is likely the more durable option; laminate does scratch, although most laminates will withstand scratches, especially from doggie toenails, better than hardwood. Laminates are also more stain resistant and will better resist moisture than hardwood. Laminates have grown in popularity not only with the experienced home builder, but also with home DIY’ers, who have come to appreciate the simplistic installation.

Hardwood definitely has a warmer feel underfoot than laminate. And it has a much more custom appearance; the wood grain will likely have unique variation between planks. Hardwood floors are durable, and as a testament to longevity many older homes with hardwood floors one-hundred years or older have the original floor intact. And while it is true that hardwood floors are more easily damaged by spills and scratches and dents, they can be sanded and refinished.

Your professional custom home builder at JDL Construction understands the modern trends of building materials, and will guide you to a home you will value and appreciate for years to come. If you have any questions, then call JDL Construction today.

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